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I have to try this look :O “Repost from @motivescosmetics by #instarepost app @igrepost_app, 😍Gorgeous look by the incredible @elymarino using NEW Motives Mavens Element palette!
-Crease/Motives Mavens Element palette using “Aubergine”, blended out with “Native”
-Lid/Motives Mavens Element palette using “Raven” with Motives “Ignite” glitter over top glued with Motives glitter adhesive
-Lower lash line/”Aubergine”
-Lips/Motives Mineral Lipstick in Nude Beach 💋
-Liner/Motives little black dress gel liner
All #motives products are available at motivesandme.marketamerica.com/lexiewheeler #motd #motivescosmetics #makeup #beauty #glam #mua #motivesmavens #eotd #elymarino #elementpalette”

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