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Sitting in the shade of trees surrounded by flowers and looking at a pretty fountain, no bugs in sight and dry, warm weather. :^) My beautiful college. I love CCU 💙💙💙☀️🌸

Way too beautiful of a day to be spending it indoors ❤️🌸☀️🌈 I love my college :^)

Yes!! :^) I’m going to try to break 500 every time I work out from now on :^D 💪❤️😘✨

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sorry i cant hang out with u today i have to catch up on my crying

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I regret nearly everything I did between the ages of birth and however old I was yesterday. 

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Soccer players in the world cup be getting barely touched and falling like


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Mourners visited sites from Robin Williams’ movies — laying flowers and memorabilia in his honor. 

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