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#100happydays continues on #day2 with the man who makes me happiest of all, Wesley Ryan Trentacosta. I never knew how it felt to love someone so much that you’d be willing to give up everything for him. I’m so lucky to have someone as amazing as he is, and I’m thankful every single day that I have him. I love you so much, boom8. ❤️👻😘💋

What better way to start off #100happydays on #day1 than to start with what makes me want to work!? #marketamerica, you have changed my life. You have given me opportunities that I could have never dreamed of before…meeting movie stars, paid trips to Miami every year, and most importantly, the Golden Ticket to financial freedom. An entrepreneur & senior business partner at 19 years old, what could be more amazing than this? #iheartma!!!!! ❤️😘💋💸

"There is that moment in space and time when I first met you.
And there you were between a glance and a kiss; you are my heaven.
It was then my world stopped for the briefest of moment.
And the only barrier that remained between us;
Was the anticipation of your lips against mine.
If I should recall; it was a moment that was most intense.
And even now it still hangs in the air pulling us ever closer, as time evolves.
This was a moment that is most perfect and when you stopped kissing me;
I realized then it was the beginning of something I never want to end.
Our first kiss will always remain the greatest memory I have ever known.”
I truly love you for now and forever ❤️👻

How beautiful is this? ❤️☀️❤️☀️❤️

I know it’s a lil early for #wcw but I nominate the beautiful #dawnwells and #tinalouise, circa 1960s. Gilligan’s Island ❤️❤️❤️

💅Motives mani!!💅
Products used:
1. Motives by Loren nail lacquer in “Pink Me Up”💖
2. Motives for LaLa nail lacquer in “Marquee” (gorgeous sparkles!!) ✨
3. Motives clear top coat😘
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My very first #transferbuy pulled!! Got incredible new Motives supplies!!
1. Motives for LaLa nail lacquers in “Marquee” (pink) and “Empire” (purple)
2. Motives by Loren mineral lip shine in “Glam”
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5. Motives for Loren baked mineral eye shadow trio in “Affluent”
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My Goals!
1. Become activated in #marketamerica
2. Go #vegan (or at least #vegetarian)
3. Sell at least 2 tickets to #mawc2015 in #Miami
4. #exercise at least 5x weekly
5. Dean’s List! A+ all around!
6. Get down to 150-160 lbs at most!
7. Eat #healthier (no more #sugar!!)
8. Worry less, #smile more! :^)
9. Get at least 15-20 preferred customers!
10. Lay off the tech and #ENJOY #LIFE!

Almost time!!! Motives online makeup party begins Sept. 14!! Don’t forget-sign in as a confirmed guest to win FREE GIFTS! For more info: alwheeler@g.coastal.edu!!